About Us

Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Operative was founded in 2015 by a number of Claremorris people. The Co-Op is located on the Ballyhaunis Road, Claremorris.

The Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Operative was founded to develop the benefits of community owned renewable energy, supporting communities and addressing climate change in the West of Ireland. With over 50 members, the Co-op are currently engaged on a voluntary basis to support communities in the transition to the low carbon economy. Through the support of the local groups and the co-operation of local businesses, the energy co-operative has gained valuable experience in the development of a local energy deployment, while contributing to national policy.

Community Awards

2020, Claremorris Energy Co-Op founders of Community Power won the Citizens’ Award at the EU Sustainable Energy Week for our Community-based Virtual Power Plant Project (cVPP).

2021, Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Op were awarded for their community efforts in promoting community owned renewable energy and their efforts to decarbonize the town of Claremorris by the Global Patagonia. Patagonia supports grassroots groups working to find solutions to the environmental crisis throughout the world and acknowledged Claremorris’s efforts to lead the transition.

2016, Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Op successfully participated and won investment from the innovation fund with GNI to work with communities in educating numerous communities on the benefits of renewable energy including the production of Bio-methane and the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. Working with the support of numerous people including Duncan Steward, the Co-Op completed over 56 community events including the ploughing championships. The overall project allowed the Co-Operative to listen, understand and consequently educate on the green energy transaction.

Participation In Previous Environmental Campaigns