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Claremorris and Western District
Energy Co-Operative

The Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Operative was founded to develop the benefits of community owned renewable energy, supporting communities and addressing climate change in the West of Ireland. With over 50 members, the Co-op are currently engaged on a voluntary basis to support communities in the transition to the low carbon economy. Through the support of the local groups and the co-operation of local businesses, the energy co-operative has gained valuable experience in the development of a local energy deployment, while contributing to national policy.

Carbon Footprint

The Claremorris Carbon Footprint is currently estimated at 28,150 Metric Tonnes CO2/Year

Target Reduction

It is envisaged that the cwdec will be a key contributor of Carbon reduction in Claremorris and the Western District.


The Co-Operative have worked to position itself in the front of technology development

About Us

Power to the people: is community energy the way forward?
Claremorris and Western District Energy
Co-Operative was founded in

Energy Co-Operative

Renewable Energy

GENCOMM seeks to develop 3
community-scale renewable energy pilot
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Of Our
The proposed demonstration project is
developed to give a cost-effective

3D Project

community power

Community Power Energy Supply
is Irelands first

Innovation Award

In 2016, Claremorris and Western
District Co-Op win Innovation Award,


Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Operative


EU Interreg

3D Planning Model

Visualise Before You Realise

Community Power

Community Renewable Energy Supply


Claremorris Energy Co-Op successfully received planning, partnering with Mayo County Council for two 5MWe 100% community owned solar site and successfully winning RESS1 as the first of one 100% community owned sites in Ireland. Presently, Claremorris Energy Co-Op have worked with 13 other counties in Ireland to promote renewable energy through solar, successfully bringing another 9 energy co-op through the connection to grid process and ready for RESS2


Mayo county council haveexpress their support for the proposed solar PV farm in Clare, Claremorris
They are particularly supportive of the fact that this project is being developed by the local energy co-operative and the Council together.
Ireland has excellent renewable energy potential. The opportunity for renewable energy generation, particularly solar electricity is only beginning here. Community led renewable energy projects are also only beginning to be recognised in Irish policy as something worth supporting.
There are great opportunities to structure and develop projects so that they not only contribute to a clean and secure energy supply, but also build rural resilience and local economies in the process. Partnerships between local authorities, local communities and energy co-operatives will be essential to ensuring the benefits of renewable energy generation are shared and distributed fairly, and to ensure that we all, adequately respond to the urgent need to decarbonise our communities.